Request For Seat Belt Exemption


The following outlines how to request a medical exemption for seat belt use:

This will provide a feedback question form to the ministry of transportation.

Complete the form completely including your full address with postal code and your email address.

Change the subject to “Medical Issues”.

We completed the short description as follows:

“Special Inquiry Unit

I have an ostomy which is a hole in my abdomen to gather my stool (from surgery). The seat belt cuts across and is very dangerous to my well being and apparently it could rupture the stoma.

I am looking to see if there is any exception to seat belt use for medical reasons.”

Then submit the form.

  • After 2 weeks we received the following reply by mail from the ministry of transportation:

“Thank you for your letter dated July 18, 2017 regarding a medical exemption for seatbelts.

There is no formal process to obtain a seatbelt exemption: individuals can carry a note from their physician if they are unable to wear a seatbelt. The exception to wearing a seatbelt can be found in the Highway Traffic Act, Section 106 (6)(b)(i) &(ii), which I’ve copied below:


 (6) Subsections (2) and (3) do not apply to a person,

(a) Who is driving a motor vehicle in reverse;

(b) Who holds a certificate signed by a legally qualified medical practitioner certifying that the person is,

(i) For the period stated in the certificate, unable for medical reasons to wear a seat belt assembly, or

(ii) Because of the person’s size, build or other physical characteristic, unable to wear a seat belt assembly; or © Who is actually engaged in work which requires him or her to alight from and re-enter the motor vehicle at frequent intervals and the motor vehicle does not travel at a speed exceeding 40 kilometers per hour. 2000, c. 25, s.1.

 I trust this answers your question.”

  • We then approached our doctor and he provided a letter on his letterhead stating the following:

 “To Whom It May Concern:

 Additional Notes:

              This patient is currently under my medical care. She has a documented and PERMANENT medical condition involving her abdominal wall that is aggravated and put at risk by wearing a seatbelt in her car.

She therefore qualifies under the Highway Traffic Act Section 106 (6) (b) (i) for a seatbelt exemption.

Please afford her all due consideration.”

  • We carry the Ministry of Transportation letter as well as the letter from our doctor with us at all times.



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